"Parma" Ltd. is the biggest regional supplier of lumber to the domestic market and for export.

        "Parma" Production Company is equipped with modern machinery that allows to produce goods under international quality standards, as well as to manufacture lumber products of any size on client's request.

        Own drying complex can process more than 36,000 cubic meters of lumber per year. "Parma" performs work on disinfection of wood materials in accordance with the international standard #15 (ISPM 15). Operation technology of drying chambers is based on the use of waste from the production process, which in turn reduces the production costs.

        The company has been trading successfully in the markets of Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, and Syria for many years, and learnt the specifics of timber markets, while fulfilling clients' technical and quality requirements. Shipment of goods is provided by various transports: by road and railways, container and sea transports.

We are responsible for our work and guarantee a high level of our products. It is well known that one can be sure about investing one's money only if getting timber directly from the manufacturer.

Our consumers are such major companies as "Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port" OJSC, "Tuapse Commercial Sea Port" OJSC, "NSRZ" OJSC, Temryuk seaport, the group of companies "Delo", "Novoroslesexport" OJSC. Since 2004 "Parma" won all the tenders for the supply of shifting boards for "NSRZ" OJSC, and now it is the only supplier.

Our foreign partners (buyers) - "Nitom Group" LLC, "Pan Kereste", "Orvetti Orman Urunleri", Argun Hadimlioglu.

The Company has an extensive network of suppliers of raw materials throughout Russia.

Our softwood suppliers - the largest loggers in Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk regions (Novobiryusinsk, Karabula, Ust-Ilim)

Our hardwood suppliers - loggers in Krasnodar and Perm regions, as well as Kirov and Sverdlovsk provinces.

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