Parma Ltd. renders warehousing and repacking services for goods. Our company repacks good using specialized equipment with maximum speed and quality. Our company possesses frame crane, three crane-beams, automated lift-truck with capacity of 1,5; 3; 7 tons, and all necessary lifting gears. The terminal has metallic ramp installed for effective work. Clients who have their goods repacked by our company will have free 10 days for warehousing.

           Warehouse storage is most requested service nowadays in Novorossiysk, since the port city receives thousands of tons of different goods on a daily basis.
           Warehouses in Novorossiysk city can be used in the following purposes:
           • cross docking for goods transported through the port;
           • distributive retail and individual wholesale in Novorossiysk and adjacent areas;
           • distributive larger-scale wholesale in the southern region of Russia.
Warehouse storage is a new trend for the company, since its own storage facilities, storing equipment and qualified personnel makes it possible to offer to our clients full range of services.
           Parma Ltd. possesses both covered and open warehouse spaces for the storage of your goods.
           The company offers the following forms of work:
           • warehouse lease;
           • safe storage.
           Basic types of work are as follows:
           • transshipment of goods from a container to motor transport;
           • unloading of goods to a warehouse;
           • palletizing;
           • warehouse storage;
           • shipping.

           Convenient location, small distance from the port, railway lines and federal highway are advantageous factors for choosing our warehouse complex by clients. Our warehousing management offers you the most profitable operational scheme, whether it is slotting or organization of shipping from a warehouse at client’s request to Russian regions.
           There is a twenty-four-hour parking for oversize vehicles.
Warehouse storage is the most important element of logistical system. We know the demands of our clients. They entrust us their goods.

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