One of our successful activities is the wood briquettes production. Wood briquette is an environment-friendly source of fuel out of the sawing byproducts, made without any binders and additives. Being specially compressed under high pressure and temperature, wood briquettes have an octahedron shape.

Length - 250 mm;
Orifice diameter - 18-20 mm;
Moisture - 4.6-8%;
Combustion heat - 4,300-5,045 kcal / kg;
Ashes, cinders - 1.3-1.36%;
Package Size: (250x200x130 mm) = 5 kg = 6 briquettes
                       (250x400x130 mm) = 10 kg = 12 briquettes
Packing: plastic

Storage: Avoid direct exposure to moisture, direct sunlight, corrosive environments and sources of ignition.

Usage areas:
1) Heating of residence and industrial buildings (fireplaces, boilers, furnaces);
2) Heating of baths and saunas;
3) Preparation of barbeque;
4) Cooking in closed places (restaurants);

Competitive advantages of briquettes to comparison with other fuels:
1) The calorific value of briquettes is four times greater than that of wood, two times more than that of the brown coal.
That is:
1 kg of briquettes = 4 kg of firewood;
1 kg of briquettes = 2 kg of brown coal;
1 kg of briquettes = 1 kg of black coal.
Briquettes provide heat for up to 5 hours.
2) Fuel briquettes have low CO2 emission and minor level of ashes and cinders. Ash content of
fuel briquettes is 40 times less that of lignite and 20 times less than the black coal ash.
Carbon dioxide emission is 50 times less than that of black coal.
3) Low specific weight, high density, and therefore low demands for the warehousing.
4) Environment-friendly, hypoallergenic.
5) Safety Storage - briquettes are not prone to spontaneous combustion.
6) The combustion process is not accompanied by the formation of dirty wastes and soot;
7) Convenient packaging.

The product has a certified analysis report based on the laboratory tests of "SGS Vostok Limited" JCS.
The packaging and labeling can be changed according to the Client's requirements.

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